sketch pad

meine umwelt

avec moi, sans moi,

par moi

Ahh… and the tales I shall unfold

May blast comprehension if the truth be told

An ode to the masters, martyrs and whims

A satyr on life and sullied daydreams


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Holy night, silent might

You may not break

Of import strength

Nor export essence

Nor will do your bidding

Thus the strictures

Laid low their play

And structured every lesson

Through the windows

Larks yin yang hypnotism

Up the spiral staircase

Escher towered Adonis

My heart a locked seed

Waits for you here

In whirlpools of confusion

Mouldering or smouldering

Encased in dewy bosom

Ribbing Mabinogion

Suffers imprecision

Nails hammered home

Hat on head on

Script your play

I love my boys

And girls you see

A home is where the hearth is

(6th Nov ‘15)

Seeking rudely with intent

Differentiated (by) laws

Movement etched by limb by chord

Lapped layers of space of time

Comprise a cut glass line

Overlapping worlds are rent

Perfection pirou-heated

To the fore leading lady

Led by light fall back hasty

Encore troupe of line of flow

Submerged iridescent glow

Metro gnome worm tongue meted

Shakespeare is art cried Babel

Legislature grey decried

Treat his peace night’s sleep belied

Contracts not a whip enshrined

Bonding love by act by lie

Creating any fable?

(20th Oct ‘15)

Holly Knight

Family Full of Thanks-Giving Feast

dulce bellum inexpertis  

war is sweet to those who have never fought

Eenie meenie miny mo

Squeeze the little fingers by the toe

Split the crown and let it grow

When they're looking where to go

First to the left and then to the right


Ultruistic Mismatch


De luna