sketch pad

meine umwelt

avec moi, sans moi,

par moi

Ahh… and the tales I shall unfold

May blast comprehension if the truth be told

An ode to the masters, martyrs and whims

A satyr on life and sullied daydreams


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Bursting with Self-Expression


My eyes close for sleep,

Your visage rises to mind.

Entwined in you

Are my dreams for the future,

Are my memories of the past.

To you my restless spirit turns,

Keeper of my heart,

As life’s rough waters

Come tumbling over me:

Promising to drown my hope,

Threatening to quench my fire.

With you, I seek my tranquility;

In you, I find my rest;

For you, I save my love.

When I turn to you

I look for nothing

But the warmth of your company,

The satisfaction of seeing you,

Content and secure,

About the people and places

You know and love.

For your happiness

I would hunt to the ends of the Earth;

For your protection

I would fight my deepest fears.

Know this

And remember it

For it is the truth,

I love you.

(15th Feb ‘93)

Bursting with self-expression, I glowed and I glowed

To create! I longed to create

I picked up my pen, but no words would flow

A pencil: no lines would it form

Paint would stare back at me

Unbending to my distempered will

To sculpt, to carve, to prune a bonsai tree

Where is my expression of self?

Serenity, sweet serenity

Calm this passionate force

Take me into the hands of experience

And mould me to your shape

Until I erupt no more

In my being is my expression

Every movement, every word that I speak

In the tapestry of my thoughts

In my unending chain of emotion

In my self is my perfection

(13th Jun ‘95)