sketch pad

meine umwelt

avec moi, sans moi,

par moi

Ahh… and the tales I shall unfold

May blast comprehension if the truth be told

An ode to the masters, martyrs and whims

A satyr on life and sullied daydreams


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Forever and Back Again

Tabula Rasa

Today was here

Yesterday it became

Tomorrow was there

And here, today, it came

The wind blew on

And on again

Back to me it came

As cool and hard as yesterday

Raindrops into trickles

Trickles into streams

Streams to lakes to the sea

And back to raindrops just the same

Life to death

To rotting ground

To plants to life

To death remain

Round and round

Never stopping never tiring

No permanent state

Just a circle

(24th Jan ‘90)